The Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at the Islamic University was established in 1432 H (2011 G). The Electrical Engineering Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Graduates of the EE program are expected to actively contribute to the achievement of the National Plan in the Kingdom 2030 by filling the need in Saudi Arabia’s industry for design, prototyping, and entrepreneurship, as well as research in all areas of Electrical Engineering. 

There are no options, tracks, or concentration currently available within the Electrical Engineering program. The specialization of the department encompasses wide fields of Electrical Engineering activities. These include Communications, Electronics and Control, Electric Energy, and Computers. The department offers a variety of opportunities for the acquisition of mental and technical skills. These prepare the student for the challenges of an electrical engineering career. In addition to striving to keep high standards in analytic capabilities, the department attaches ample importance to the hands-on training of students by undertaking experimental work and on-job training in the various areas of study.