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Islamic University achieves second place in promoting mental health

Islamic University Ranks 10th Among 53 Government and Private Universities.

Islamic University Participates in the QS Conference in Malaysia

His Excellency, the Acting President of the University, Prof. Hassan bin Abdul Mun’em al-Awfi launches a series of distinguished courses, under the title: “Digital Skills in the Work Environment.”

The Minister of Education patronizes the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance and the World International Students Day at Islamic University of Madinah

The Occupational and Environmental Safety Administration conducted a Course on "Emergency Response and Evacuation Methods".

IU's Council Convenes for its Third Session in the Academic Year 1445

Islamic University Unveils Third Edition of 'Pioneering Alumni Award' at Thailand Alumni Forum

The Acting President of the Islamic University Presides Over the University Council's Fourth Session in 1445.

The Islamic University Commemorates World Arabic Language Day with Insightful Seminar

The Acting President of Islamic University, Dr. Hassan bin Abdulmunim Al-Oufi, inaugurates the University Poet Award in its seventh season."

HRH Prince Saud bin Khalid Al-Faisal inaugurated the eleventh Festival of Cultures and Peoples in Islamic University

"Learning Arabic" Graduates Its Fifth Indonesian Batch

The Islamic University places great emphasis on data management policies in line with Vision 2030.

Saudi University Alumni Forum Launches in Jakarta

Sheikh bin Humaid Delivers Lecture on Moderation at Saudi University Alumni Forum