Department of University Campus Management

About The Department of General Services


Vision, Mission, Objectives


Providing a safe and suitable means of transportation for all beneficiaries and building alliances with the private sector. We believe in the advancement and brilliance of the university and its effective role in serving the community and showing it in the required manner that is appropriate for it, and upgrading it to reach the comprehensive quality measure in performance.



Developing what corresponds to the needs of the university's staff, students and guests in a comfortable and safe environment.


1. Providing a distinguished services befitting the status of the university.


2. Commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of service provided in order to achieve the beneficiaries' satisfaction.


3. The management aims to adopt and implement the slogan of total quality (quality and performance).


4. Creating partnerships and alliances with the private sector to benefit from the service provided.



1. Preparing annual plans for the department's activities and following up on their implementation after approval.


2. Identifying the university's various transportation needs in coordination with the relevant administrative units.


3. Determine the periodic maintenance program for the transport vehicles.


4. Preparing periodic reports on the department's activities and achievements, and proposals for further development.