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About The University Campus Management

About Us

The University Campus Management was founded in the first month of Jumada 1438 AH, and it includes nine Deparments that provide logistical services to the university, its staff and visitors. These administrations are (Projects Department, Maintenance Department, University Security Department, Environmental and Professional Safety Deparment, University Transportation Department, Printing Department, Catering Department, Housing Department for Faculty members, and Sports Facilities Department). These departments are connected to the General Supervisor of the University Campus Management, and all these departments are working hard to achieve the University's vision, mission and strategic plan, to achieve the declared goals and provide distinguished services.

Vision, Message, and Objectives



Excellence in providing services to the university in accordance to scientific foundations and the highest international quality.



Providing a high quality living standards and services in the university city in a timely manner.



1- Contribute to achieving the goals and vision of the university.

2- Striving to achieve the university's plan for strategic services.

3- Working as a team and facilitating the services at the university.

4- Developing effective teamwork and providing quality services.