Department of University Campus Management

Department of Nutrition

The Nutrition Department, which is affiliated with the University Campus Management, through technicians and supervisors specialized in the field of nutrition, follows up, inspects and examines all food items provided by the contractor, from the time they enter warehouses and refrigerators until they go out to the kitchen, and reject and any food items that are unfit for human consumption. The specialists also supervise and closely monitor the preparation, processing, cooking and distributing of meals for students in order to provide ready-to-cook meals to the student’s in a timely manner.This ensures that each student has received all the rations and food prescribed for him and of all the items that the Nutrition Department specified for him through the weekly meal schedule.Taking into account all the above to apply the terms and coditions of the manual of terms and conditions under which the contract is signed between the Islamic University and the food cntractor.