College of Quran

Head of the Department and His Tasks (Department of Qur'anic Recitations)

Head of the Department:

  • Dr. Saad bin Mohammad Al-Zahraniy

Tasks of the Department Head:

First: Planning

1.    Presiding over the department's council and supervising the organization of its affairs, inviting attendance to its sessions, executing its decisions, and sending session minutes to the college dean.

2.    Achieving the university's high-level goals and policies.

3.    Implementing the college council's decisions related to the department.

Second: Monitoring

1.    Supervising the preparation of the department's strategic plan and monitoring its implementation.

2.    Supervising the management of the department's educational, research, administrative, financial, and cultural affairs.

3.    Supervising the administrative, academic, and research development of the department.

Third: Evaluation

1.    Providing periodic reports to the college dean about the work in the units under the department, in accordance with the assigned tasks and the difficulties encountered.

2.    Reporting to the college dean any misconduct, violations, or other issues by the faculty members falling under his jurisdiction.