About Us

The College of Computer Science and Information Systems was established at the Islamic University in the year 1431 AH and started its journey in the academic year 1435/1434 AH. The college aims, through its four departments (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Information Systems), to graduate competitive and competent personnel in the job market who keep pace with the rapid development in the fields of technology and information, which contributes to achieving the mission of the university.



To become a world-class knowledge base in the field of computing and to be distinguished in providing the communities with technical and professional workforces of the highest academic excellence.




The mission of Faculty of Computer and Information Systems (FCISis to provide education of high standards that empowers students with the required state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in the field of computing and enables them to pursue higher studies, cutting-edge research, and impactful industrial leadership.