Course Specifications of MATH 3110

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MATH 3110







Course Objectives:

 On completion of the course, the students should be able to:

·        Handle functions occurring in calculus and in the mathematical modeling of real-world problems.

·        The concept absolute value, solving absolute value equations and inequalities.

·        Functions and their properties.

·        Apply the properties of functions to standard functions (polynomials – rational – exponential -logarithmic- trigonometric functions).

·        The concept of the limit and calculate standard limits using general rules and techniques.

Course Description:

Pre-calculus is an obligatory course in the first level of the common first year, it is designed to serve all scientific programs. The course works to transfer students from high school to university studies by introducing some basic mathematical topics and concepts in a more depth. The course covers the following topics:

Number systems, powers, radicals and logarithms, intervals, solution of absolute value equations and inequalities. Functions (domain- codomain – range), operations on functions (sum – difference – product – quotient) types of functions (odd – even - one to one – onto – one to one correspondence) Inverse function. Standard functions and their properties (polynomials – rational – exponential -logarithmic- trigonometric functions). Trigonometric identities (sum-difference- double angle- half - angle). Introduction to limits, calculation of finite limits with standard functions (polynomial- rational – simple trigonometric) using general rules and techniques.


Main Textbook:

·        Stewart, J., Calculus: Early Transcendental, 8th Edition, Cengage Learning, 2016.

Subsidiary Books:

·        McAskil, B. Watt, W. Balzarin, E. Johnson, B. Kennedy, R. Melnyk, T. Zarski, C. (Eric Balzarini, et al), Pre-calculus 12, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2012.