Units of the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies

Institute units

Units of the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies:


1. Media and Marketing Unit


- The goal of the media and marketing unit


This unit aims at defining and documenting the capabilities and services provided by the Institute, and highlighting its achievements.


  The most important functions of the Media and Marketing Unit


1. Marketing and publicizing the Institute's services.


2. Announcing the projects presented by the institute.


3. Documenting the activities carried out by the institute.


4. Searching for investment opportunities through various media channels.


2. Training and Consulting Services Unit.


The goal of the training and advisory services unit


This unit aims to carry out training and consulting work, and to provide consultants of all specializations.


The most important tasks of the Training and Advisory Services Unit


1. Contribute to providing consultations in all disciplines.


2. Providing total and partial consultations to all governmental and private institutions.


3. Designing, implementing and evaluating training courses and programmes.


4. Follow-up the programs of this unit, and supervise the progress of its work.


3. Research and Educational Projects Unit


The goal of the research and educational projects unit


This unit aims to provide all research and educational services, in addition to programs to guarantee paid scholarships for students.


The most important tasks of the Research and Educational Projects Unit


1. Scientific and academic supervision of programs in universities and institutes in all university disciplines.


2. Follow-up scholarship students and supervise their status.


3. Implementation of programs for scholarship students.


4. Submitting quarterly reports on scholarship students to the donor.


5. Providing translation services from living languages into Arabic and vice versa.


6. Linguistic review and spelling of research and studies of all kinds.


4. Quality unit.


  The objective of the quality unit


This unit aims at the continuous improvement of all the work of the Institute and work on applying the requirements of the quality management system.


  The most important tasks of the quality unit


1. Spreading the concept of quality culture at the institute level.


2. Contribute to setting the Institute's strategic and annual plan.


3. Follow up the implementation of aspects of the strategic plan related to the Institute.


4. Supervising the management of performance and self-evaluation processes and coordinating the visits of external auditors to the institute.


5. Preparing and submitting periodic reports on development and quality activities at the institute.