Institute of Research and Consultative Studies

Target Groups

Institute of Research and Consulting Studies targets many groups,

Below we will present an overview of each of these categories:

(1) Students and graduates of Saudi students and scholarship students at the Islamic University:

It is one of the target groups of the institute to whom services such as training courses are offered

And review the research and programs that are granted to their wives as scholarship students or the programs that qualify them to work in accordance with the provisions of the law

  The needs of the labor market internally as Saudi students and externally as scholarship students in their countries and how it is. They have the ability to control themselves and emotional balance, which is a set of legal, administrative and marketing programs and technical skills in the field of computers and others.



(2) Staff:


The category of employees is in all sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether governmental or private

One of the important categories for the institute, and all programs and tools that benefit them in each field are presented to them

His work, which qualifies them to be able to perform their work with high efficiency in order to become a human resource

Highly qualified and able to manage and lead work and employees, and these programs provide them with either: 

Through them personally or through their institutions contracting the type of programs needed by their employees

 And be inside the university or in the place of the institution.




(3) Governmental and private bodies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:


This category considers governmental and non-governmental financial and non-financial institutions as one of the categories that it seeks

The Institute to communicate with it in order to present a group of programs offered by the Institute to it

Develop the skills and abilities of their employees and make them able to work with the highest degree of efficiency

within their organizations and make them productive and able to deal with customers with high efficiency and how

They market their organization's services and deal with external clients.




(4) Donor and supportive institutions that have a social responsibility:


It is one of the very important categories of the institute, because this category is in charge of spending on many programs for students


Grants and their spouses and to charities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as sponsoring students of knowledge


Spending on their programs throughout the study period at the university and sponsoring them throughout this period is in this category


It works to support a stand-alone program for a certain period of one month or more and bears all its expenses


These programs are implemented by the Institute and under the umbrella of the Islamic University, so the Institute seeks to communicate


Effective with these groups and offering programs that can be financed and sponsored and spent on them,


Also among these categories are the institutions that have a social responsibility towards society


Works to spend on some programs in accordance with its budget and the amounts specified for this responsibility.



(5) Faculty members in Saudi universities:


This category is one of the important categories of the Institute, and the Institute offers its services to this category as a review


Their research is linguistically and spelling through university professors, as well as offices of expertise or houses of expertise


On them and established by faculty members from the Islamic University and they can use the name


The institute and marketing their programs and courses, and the institute is urging them to establish houses and offices of expertise with members

(6) Saudi Universities:


It is one of the categories that the institute targets to offer its services to Saudi universities to offer a service


Evaluation of the teaching curricula, which are at the core of the work of the Islamic University in its various legal disciplines


And its experience in the Saudi market makes it capable of this role and work in this field, and from its work


Reviewing the curricula of Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University and many other Saudi universities, including Umm Al-Qura University and Taibah University.