Institute of Research and Consultative Studies

Potential and future plans

More than 400 experts with a PhD degree or above.


More than 400 specialized lecturers and teaching assistants.


More than 4,000 distinguished postgraduate students in various disciplines.


More than 2500 employees in the administrative apparatus.


A number of scientific and research chairs in various fields.


More than 30 colleges and deanships provide scientific, administrative and technical services in all fields, including: the College of Sharia with its departments (jurisprudence - Islamic economics - regulations - the judiciary - Sharia politics).


The College of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Studies with its departments (interpretation and the sciences of the Qur’an – readings).


Faculty of Hadith Sharif with its departments (Sunnah jurisprudence and its sources - Hadith Sciences)


College of Da'wah and Fundamentals of Religion with its departments (Aqeedah - Da'wah and Islamic Culture - Islamic History - Media - Education)


Faculty of Arabic Language with its departments (Linguistics - Literature and Rhetoric).


Faculty of Computer with its departments (Information Technology - Computer Files - Information Systems)


Faculty of Science - Preparatory Year.


College of Engineering with its departments (industrial - mechanical - chemical - electrical - information systems)


Institute for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.


The Deanship of Scientific Research contains scientific publications specialized in various fields.


The Deanship of Library Affairs contains specialized references, scientific encyclopedias, modern digital libraries and educational electronic networks.


Deanships concerned with quality, information technology, e-learning and distance education.


Center for the service of the Sunnah and the Prophet's biography.


Language labs


Media unit


Educational guidance


Student counseling


Skills Development