Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

Management Structure for Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

Board tasks

This committee derives its powers from the University Quality Council, and represents its executive arm, by exercising the following tasks:




Supporting the Deanship of Quality and following up the implementation of the recommendations and decisions of the Quality Council at the university.

Responsibility for the overall performance of quality management at the university, and the development of a quality management system and the required information and planning systems.

Establishing, developing and maintaining the quality of academic programs and administrative services provided by the university through the management system.

Improving quality assurance and promoting a culture of quality teaching and learning in the university.

Develop and implement the policies recommended by the National Authority for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, and verify that the internal policies and mechanisms for quality assurance are consistent with the latest and best practices and national and international systems, and that these policies and mechanisms support each other.

Council members

This committee was formed by a decision of the Rector of the University based on a proposal from the Vice Rector for Development, and it consists of:


Dean of Quality / Chair

Vice deans of the Deanship of Quality, one of whom shall be a secretary

Quality advisors and experts in the deanship / members

Vice deans of quality and development in faculties, the Institute of Arabic Language Education and supporting deanships / members

A representative of the faculty members

A representative of the administrators