Deanship of Information Technology

Tasks and responsibilities of the Deanship of Information Technology

     Managing and implementing information technology projects to meet the university’s needs.

     Developing the system of administrative and academic programs and services within the university and working to integrate them with the various university systems.

     Equipping the university with infrastructure that contributes to the application of electronic services.

     Operating and developing the electronic portal system to serve the employees and students of the Islamic University.

     Equipping all departments at the university with computers and its accessories.

     Operation and technical support for entities, events, and conferences held at the university.

     Building an integrated information base that contributes to providing the necessary information to the academic, educational, and administrative bodies at the university.

     Communicating with governmental and non-governmental agencies related to technology.

     Developing and implementing information protection and security systems at the university.

     Training university employees on the use of new and multiple technologies.

     Preparing and designing the strategic plan for information technology and the stages of its development at the Islamic University.

     Preparing and designing information security policies at the Islamic University.