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Sports Club

Sports Club

About The Sports Club

The sports club provides services aiming to develop the sports aspect of the university community, and Madinah in general. it also aims to raise awareness regarding the means of preventing diseases through cardiovascular exercises, self-discipline and physical maintenance for all age groups.


  1. Raising the quality of life within the university and fulfilling the students' needs in sports.

  2. Contribute to the discovery, support and development of students' sports talents.

  3. Allowing students, faculty members, their children and the Madinah community to benefit from sports facilities.

  4. Providing logistical support to the university teams in the sports field and to the team players according to the available capabilities.

  5. Providing job opportunities for outstanding students in the sports field, in a way that does not interfere with their studies.

  6.  Providing practical experiences for university students in the field of sports.

  7. Achieving an appropriate profit rate for the project.

Features and services of the sports club

  1.  Multi-court indoor sports hall (basketball, handball, volleyball).

  2.  Olympic-standard outdoor swimming pool.

  3.  Covered and air-conditioned Olympic swimming pool.

  4.  Squash court.

  5.  Swedish gymnasium and self-defence exercises.

  6.  Crossfit gym.

  7.  Bicycle and skeet exercise court.

  8.  Investment buffet (to provide healthy meals).

  9.  Integrated outdoor courts for football, volleyball, tennis, basketball and five-a-side.

  10.  Bodybuilding gym.