Deanship of Student Affairs

Executive Director of the Fund, Deanship of Student Affairs

Task :

1- Administratively supervises the Fund’s management employees.

2- Implement and apply the rules and regulations for managing the fund.

3- Supervises the disbursement of committee subsidies and loans and preparation and equipment.

4- Supervises the disbursement, preparation and processing of payments to the Zakat committees.

5- Follows up on the management of the housing unit (13) for Saudi students.

6- Follows up on the management of stores and special projects for the Student Fund.

7- Follows up and prepares the disbursement of supports and urgent loans.

8- Supervises the Fund’s financial accounts.

9- Determines the dates for holding fund committees.

10- Prepares job performance reports for its management employees.

11- It is proposed to train some of its management personnel in coordination with the Development and Management Institute.

12- The annual report on the administration’s achievements is prepared for the dean.

13- It distributes tasks among his department’s employees.

14- It works to develop and build team spirit among its management employees.

15- It organizes vacation dates for employees affiliated with his department.

16- It signs checks.

17- Approves everything related to the activities of the vice-deanship of Student Extra curricular Activity.