Department of Investment

General Investment Authority Vision & Mission

General Investment Authority

His Highness, the President of the Islamic University, issued a decree to found the General Investment Administration on 1/1/1443 AH, recognizing the importance of investment and its active role in achieving the goals and aspirations of the Islamic University within its 3rd strategic plan, through its related sustainability and resource development aspects, as well as improving the quality of life at the university.


Pioneering management to achieve sustainable and innovative investment returns


Attracting investments and developing the university's investment capabilities in accordance with international practices and standards


  1. Sustainability of the university's financial resources.

  2. Developing products and services with a financial return.

  3. Providing an attractive environment for investors.

  4. Achieve optimal utilization of the university's immovable and movable assets, and develop them.

  5. Increasing and diversifying sources of income for the university.

  6. Raise the quality of university life, by investing in projects.

  7. Create innovative investment opportunities.