Deanship of Student Affairs

Objectives and tasks (Deanship Vice Deanship for Student Services)

  The Vice Deanship 's Objectives and tasks:


· Providing appropriate housing for students coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

· Providing social, psychological and educational care for university housing students.

· Organizing purposeful and recreational student activities within the residential units; With the aim of instilling correct behaviours and scientific trends in the student.

· Building bridges of communication with students.

· Providing various services that help the student succeed and excel.

· Coordination of university transportation service to external units and the Prophet’s Mosque.

· Striving to find distinguished services in the university restaurant.

· Providing a suitable and attractive environment for education by providing consultations and guidance to university students.

· Providing guidance, counselling and academic support to students with special needs.

· Improving the appropriate educational environment for people with special needs.

Solving student problems and issues.

Helping students and providing the necessary services in emergency situations.